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Every year, the ISACA International Chapter Support Committee reviews websites of different chapters around the globe. Chapters are recognized as Gold,- Silver-, or Bronze-level winners.


This is a moment of pride for ISACA Karachi Chapter for winning the Silver-Level Website Award for the year 2011. The award process was based on a thorough judging criteria which generates a scorecard. The Chapter website judgment process for the year 2011 was completed in April 2012.


Among 190 plus chapters of ISACA International worldwide, this year, the website award has been won by 80 chapters.


A list of all 2011 winners can be found on the chapter awards page (www.isaca.org/websiteawards).


All winners are given an electronic website award seal from ISACA International and chapters are encouraged to post this seal on their web page so the news can be shared with all members of the chapter.


This is a moment of gratification for every members of ISACA Karachi Chapter for earning this recognition.


Please accept my heartiest congratulations on a job well done by you and your Chapter Board.


Waqar A. Khan.
ISACA Karachi Chapter.


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